Friday, November 18, 2005

Java/Python ITK LevelSet Problems

As you might have noticed I like programming in Java and especially in ITK's case using ccmake for my own code doesn't really encourages me to use C. Anyway the Wrappings for other languages are really poor -- especially when it comes to level sets.

For the 2D case I ended up writing shell scripts which called the corresponding ITK Examples. That worked really well and I was even able to replace some of the C stuff with the Python examples -- but for some reasons which probably need further investigation the Python code was probably 5 times slower than the C code.

In the 3D case I was essentially forced to write my own code. So I started out with Java and - boom - the ITK people didn't ptovide the proper binding. Their seems to be a hack as describe in the Mailinglist to fix that -- and their is also a distribution which contains patches for better Wrapping support at inra.


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