Saturday, January 28, 2006

SSH Tunnel SMB for Mac OS X

The harddisk on my Powerbook got full and I had to move my iTunes music collection to a Linux server. iTunes is quite nice and works with links (or aliases as Apple calls them) -- it even let's you play your purchased music. We chose Samba because NFS's security scheme is quite sketchy... anyway to inititiate the SSH tunnel type on the Mac (in iTerm):

sudo ssh -L139:host-ip:139 -p8888

After entering your Mac password (sudo) you have to enter your Linux password (ssh). Then go to the finder, press Apple-k, and enter:


I guess a downside of this method is that you might not be able to use smb shares on your Mac... but you can always try to get a full blown VPN with IPSec;-)


Blogger Unknown said...

Hey, can you tell me how I turn on SAMBA on my ubuntu and set the share name. This is exactly what I want to do. I have a mac laptop with a full hdd and want files stored on an external usb drive connected to the ubuntu desktop. Thank you.

8:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you.

1:52 AM

Blogger Carl-Erik said...

I can't get that to work. I do for instance:
sudo ssh -L 139:localhost:139

But if I try to connect to smb://localhost/share I only get connection failed.

10:38 AM


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